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Good fun for everybody! NES Oblio (108)

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Platform Votes Score
Arcade 2 2.7
DOS Awaiting 1 votes...
NES 5 3.2
Combined User Score 7 3.1

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Action's typically cutsie but that's what we've come to expect on the NES and here it really works! This cart's a recipe for non-stop fun-packed action.
Overall, Trog does provide a very solid title for the NES. Not many people have heard of it, or played it for that matter. The addictive gameplay still exists, and I feel the developers did a great job capturing the basic Pac-Man mechanics, but adding a newer flavor to it. I am certainly glad that the game was released because for a short time, it was in jeopardy due to a play style that was far different than this. If you get a chance to ever play the arcade version, I strongly recommend you doing so. Even on the NES, I would suggest picking it up for both the single-player and multiplayer experiences. It’s definitely worth a spin, especially at under $10.
Overall, Trog is a hidden gem and also a quite rare arcade game to find today. I was lucky enough to find one at a local arcade game auction for $400 and it will forever be a reminder of the glorious earlier days of the arcades.
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Macht nicht den Fehler und erwartet opulente Grafikorgien, Dutzende von bombastischen Levels oder ähnliches: Trog ist Fun, nicht mehr und nicht weniger. Glücklicherweise wurden vor lauter Niedlichkeit die Details nicht vergessen. So sind die Extras geschickt eingesetzt, die Kollisionsabfrage ist in Ordnung und der Schwierigkeitsgrad angemessen
NESASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
All diese Features sorgen vor allem für eines: Für witzige Unterhaltung. Und deshalb sollte man dem Hersteller auch nachsehen, daß er sich an einem Klassiker vergriffen hat. Trog ist einfach Fun!