Troy Aikman NFL Football

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Genesis 1 2.2
Jaguar 1 2.6
SNES 1 3.4
Combined User Score 3 2.7

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SNESGamePro (US)
Although it lacks great graphics and noteworthy sound, Troy Aikman NFL Football does contain outstanding options and superb game play. It's just about everything you'd expect from one of the NFL's biggest superstars.
SNESElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
First off, the players on the field are too small. It's hard to run the ball through while not knowing where you are running. I like the different plays you can pick from, but it was too easy. I can use one play for the entire game and practically get a TD on every play. Cool weather conditions that affect your field performance. Not a bad game.
SNESMega Fun
Das Gameplay wurde augenscheinlich auf extrem einfache Handhabung ausgelegt, Pässe finden fast immer den eigenen Mann. Dadurch gleicht dieses Modul ein wenig dem neuesten SNES-Madden, ohne dies allerdings ernsthaft gefährden zu können. Bonuspunkte gibt‘s noch für die Traineroption. Alles in allem ein überdurchschnittliches Football-Game, das jedoch gegen die Madden-Serie kaum Chancen haben wird.
GenesisGame Players
As in the trend of sports video games, the Genesis version outperforms it's SNES counterpart, but only by the absolute slimmest of margins.
SNESGame Players
With superior titles such as Madden '94 already filling store shelves. Troy Aikman NFL Football lacks the total package necessary to rival the leaders in the field.
Wegen der schlechten Sound- und Grafikqualität und der schwierigen Spielregeln wird "Troy Aikman NFL-Football" in Deutschland nur bei echten Footballfreaks ein Hit werden. In den USA wird das wahrscheinlich anders aussehen.
GenesisVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
The Genesis and SNES versions of Aikman are nearly carbon copies of each other. If you have a six-button controller, I'd recommend the Genesis version over the SNES cart due to it's faster gameplay and '94-'95 rule changes.
SNESVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
Aikman NFL plays a solid game and the NFL license allows real team names and uniform colors. While similar to Pro QB, new features such as the custom play designer help distinguish Aikman from the crowd of SNES football carts.
JaguarVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
The most frustrating part of this game is the fact that --- even though it's a new release --- the Jaguar Troy Aikman Football uses state from the 1993-94 season. My guess is that most gamers would rather have waited another month or so for up-to-date player ratings. I want to see Drew Bledsoe's and Steve Young's incredible 94-95's statistics! That minor criticism aside, this football game is a good one. You'll find no surprises or earth-shattering enhancements, but the features make this one worth taking a look at.
GenesisGamePro (US)
Troy Aikman NFL Football is loaded with superb options, special features, and excellent control, but all that doesn't add up to an excellent game. Poor sound and graphics turn an exciting experience in an average game.
GenesisElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Smaller than average characters, choppy graphics, but this game needed more time in training camp. Little buckaroos and budding gamers will have fun with this game, scoring at will is easy and there is no D when the computer defense takes the field. I'd definitely sit this one out.
JaguarElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Despite seeing this on the other systems, I am really surprised at the improvements in this version. The game doesn't get better if the control is still sloppy. You still get lost in the pile, not knowing where to run to. I like the new Play Selection Accelerator and Clock Management feature which makes it more realistic. This one is still disappointing.
Troy Aikman Football ist zwar nicht wirklich richtig schlecht, aber gut ist es auch nicht. Dazu vermisst man in erster Linie einfach schon mal technisch die klare Abgrenzung gegenüber der 16-Bit Konkurrenz. Zudem verliert das Spiel durch die schwachen CPU Gegner schnell seinen Reiz. Mangels Alternativen kann man es auch als Notnagel in Betracht ziehen, sollte dann aber zwecks Unterhaltung besser nur gegen menschliche Spieler antreten.
SNESVideo Games
Bei Troy Aikman Football ist schon auf den ersten Blick zu erkennen, daß sich die Entwickler an der Madden-Serie von EA orientiert haben. Aber wie es oftmals bei geclonten Spielen so ist, kann sich die Spielbarkeit nicht mit der des Originals messen. Viel zu träge und ungenau schleppen sich die Spieler über das Feld, und oft weiß man gar nicht warum der Wide Receiver beinahe schon absichtlich am Ball vorbeiläuft. Er läuft haargenau die Route ab, die man zuvor im Menü angewählt hat. Gute Spielzüge kommen meistens nur zufällig zustande, und der Computergegner ist natürlich übermächtig, egal ob man gegen die Buffalo Bills oder die Chicago Bulls antreten muß.
JaguarGamePro (US)
Despite some tantalizing innovations, Troy Aikman Football sits in favor of better-crafted 16-bit games, including Troy's own clones. Looks like the top Cowboy rides the pine this year.
JaguarAtari HQ
Jaguar owners dying for a football simulation can do better by picking up Madden or numerous other superior titles. Unless, of course, the Jag is the only system in your household, in which case it's the best 64-bit football game on the market -- by default.
SNESTotal! (Germany)
NFL Football ist nämlich weder so gut spielbar noch so übersichtlich wie die Referenzsimulation ‚“Madden NFL ‘94“. Schlechter fallen auch Soundeffekte und grafische Aufmachung aus. Traurig, daß es lediglich zwei Personen gestattet ist, gegeneinander anzutreten. Eine Mehrspieler-Adapter-Unterstützung gibt es leider nicht. Sucht Ihr eine rundherum gelungene Simulation des US- Sports, so greift zu „Madden NFL 94“!
GenesisAll Game Guide
Troy Aikman's Football is not an awful game, nor is it one that you shouldn't at least sample, but it doesn't compare in realism, fun or excitement to the pinnacle of Sega Genesis football games, the John Madden series.
JaguarThe Video Game Critic
Frankly, Troy Aikman Football has no redeeming qualities at all. The game's single original feature, the ability to adjust player salaries (during the game no less) is utterly idiotic. Atari's poorly written manuals are usually good for a laugh, and this one is no exception.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
In addition to the poor frame rate, there's quite a bit of breakup in the graphics. It's not unusual to see a player running around with no legs! You don't have much control over pass receptions, and there are an inordinate number of tipped passes. If you need a few extra yards, your best bet is to dive - these guys can leap 10-15 yards!! All the NFL teams are included, but only one actual player (guess who?). The audio is particularly dreadful. The crowd sounds like a weak faucet, and the unenthusiastic commentator sounds like he'd rather be somewhere else (like a Madden game maybe?). With so many other good football games for the Genesis, this really can't compete.