Rogue Screenshots (TRS-80 CoCo)

User Screenshots

TRS-80 CoCo version

Intro screen in 40 columns - the default
Intro screen in 80 columns - what one would use with an RGB monitor
Game play in 40 columns - one has scrolling messages, and scrolling through the map. The Coco version could run in a windows as small a 28x12 characters...
Game play in 80 columns - hardware text mode. If you had 128K, this is the only way to play 80 columns...
Your object's in hardware text mode
Your object's in hi-res graphics mode... you needed at least 256K RAM for this mode
Game play in the hi-res graphics mode
The high score list is somewhat truncated in 40 columns...
The full hi-score screen (80 column)
Oops... I died.