True Crime: New York City Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Intro movie
The text explains it all.
Lead rain
Cars are fully destructible objects too.
Marcus - main character of the game
Driving training
Inside the police station
Cruising at night.
Marcus's dad in his luxury camera
Inside the building. You can enter almost all of them.
Map of Manhattan
The shop owner is shocked by such meaningless violence. He didn't know about screenshots.
Some guys stole a bus, it will be difficult to stop them.
The police badge has no effect on the furious mob.
Putting cuffs on a criminal.
Talking to some FBI guy.
Case file on some of the key suspects
Status of game completion
Career progress
I hope he came here only for an extra pair of cuffs.
Collecting so-called evidence.
New promotion from your chief
Cars - you can buy them at the police station.
These are civilian vehicles.
A music shop is something novel for a GTA-clone.
Burn baby, burn.
Side view
Gun shots in the alley.
Drug lab. An interesting combination of small arms here.
Domino effect
Street racing competition
At the strip-club
Using the metro for faster transportation between city districts.
Interrogation of a suspect
All pre-mission cut-scenes look like this one.
No comment.
Learning martial art tricks and styles. For $, of course.
Stealth mission
Freddie - a nervous taxi driver