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Windows version

Main menu
City map
I drive only with beautiful cars
This vehicle has been stopped
Chasing bad guy
Found illegal weapon
In-game animations
Nick's real car
The license plate sports your name. It also appears when saving.
You can finish enemies off by inserting a knife into their heads. Here, Nick demonstrates his culinary displease by turning some Chinese Chefs into Dim Sum.
Poor Nick gets gang-banged by a pack of strippers. Guess he should have tipped more.
By popular request, here's more of Nick being molested by angry strippers
Boss, Bank robber, and Pink-lookalike Lola Gees has the cheapest move in the game, an unblockable cartwheel attack than even hits you when you're down
Nick grabs a katana and extracts vengeance on these dojo destroyers.
Nick gets into a gunbattle with some Uzi-wielding waitresses. Guess he didn't have the patience to wait for a table like everyone else.
Apparently, this China Town Restaurant has zombie chefs. I'm pretty sure that's a health code violation.
Nick battles through hordes of zombies in the sewers beneath China Town. That's right. Zombies. But wait, it gets weirder!
Nick needs to cope with stuff GTA Guy and Max Payne never had to deal with, such as fighting Ancient Wu's flaming demon heads
As if the strippers weren't bad enough, now Ancient Wu sends his naked, flaming, demonic concubines to molest Nick.
No confrontation with an evil Chinese sorcerer is complete without a fight with a huge honking dragon
In L.A., heavily armed helicopters aren't just for SWAT anymore! Here, Nick does battle with the Russian Mob's attack chopper.
Nick is a deadly combination of John McClane and Neo as he battles heavily-armed, hostage-taking, bank robbing commandos with bullet-time.
Lightning adds drama to Nick's apocalyptic battle with General Kim for the fate of the City of Angels... or something melodramatic like that. I wasn't paying attention.
North Korean commandos turn Chinatown into a war zone, and Homeland Security's nowhere to be seen. Thank you very much, Posse Comitatus...
Rocky's a cheap fighter who loves the dirty old pocket sand trick. Nick, fighting unfair with unfair, counters by chopping him up with a katana
Nick's destroyed cars, van, armored trucks, and even a helicopter, but can he take out an airplane?
For a short, balding geezer in a Nehru Jacket who looks like a cross between Dr. No, Dr. Evil, and Agent Smith, General Kim is one heck of a fighter. You'll need smart tactics to beat him.
Your partner Rosie meets her evil, S&M dominatrix twin. Cheats let you play as any character, which makes for interesting scenes like this

Xbox version

Main Title
Main Menu
Target shooting.
Nick's boss doesn't look happy about his shooting abilities.
While on the streets, you'll be given some hints to get you going.
While in your personal car, you'll be able to use siren and make other cars clear the road for you.
Rushing due to time limit may cause unwanted casualties.
You have to know when to take main road and when to look for some shortcuts.
Whenever you get off track, check the street map of LA.
Meeting your partner.
You can virtually take any car you want in the line of duty.
Okay, the road looks clear to make a quick turn around.
Hm, good thing this ain't my car, time to find another one.
You'll know when your car is in bad shape when you see broken windows and door flapping.
LAPD, I need to confiscate your vehicle for... err, test drive.
Only with your gun can you zoom and slow down the time at the same time.
Taking down the villain in a slow-motion Max Payne style.
Nick, the main protagonist, knows how to read someone's rights.
Some missions will require stealth and "ninja style" as Nick would put it.
Breaking necks instead of rendering people unconscious will earn you certain negative points towards becoming a bad cop.
Not everyone's willing to put up Nick's behavior, but that doesn't let him without a sharp tongue nevertheless.
Nightshift cruising.
Yikes, there goes the fence.
Shooting at the criminals during a car-chase
Driving in first-person perspective.
Getting friendly with a striptease dancer.
Mano-a-womano with a whor... striptease dancer.
During fistfighting scenes, you will find more than any thing breakable.

Official Screenshots

  • True Crime: Streets of LA Screenshot
    Xbox E3 2002 Press CD
  • True Crime: Streets of LA Screenshot
    Xbox E3 2002 Press CD
  • True Crime: Streets of LA Screenshot
    Xbox E3 2002 Press CD
  • True Crime: Streets of LA Screenshot
    Xbox E3 2002 Press CD
  • True Crime: Streets of LA Screenshot
    Xbox E3 2002 Press CD
  • True Crime: Streets of LA Screenshot
    Xbox E3 2002 Press CD