True Love Screenshots

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Funny logo :)
Title screen
Choosing character type
Waking up...
Outside of the school
School corridor
Nice... viewing angle!
Athletic, much?
Artist :)
Why are Japanese so obsessed with panties?..
Combing the hair :)
Working! :)
Your teacher
CG room

Windows version

Opening Title
Daily Activities: Schedule your plans for today. Each schedule has a different affect on your character stats or the story plot.
CG Options. This is the gallery area. The percentage indicates the total number of graphics you've successfully collected from the plot story
Doing sports
Misako in the park
One of your optional daily activities: Pleasure -> Going to town.
Miyuki on the beach
Remi, the best girl!
Chiemi in a swimsuit
Miyuki is your true love. :)
Arisa Miyoshi, your friend's little sister
An unexpected plot twist
You, pervert!
She's literally an angel
On a date at the amusement park