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GenesisHobby Consolas (Oct, 1991)
Así pues, sin más preámbulos, ahí va la crítica: una maniobrabilidad increíble, unos gráficos alucinantes y una jugabilidad digna de una epopeya de magnas proporciones. Un super matamarcianos que no dejará de sorprenderte a cada instante por la variedad de armas de las que podrás disponer, por el increíble diseño de sus inagotables naves enemigas y por lo estruendoso de sus efectos sonoros.
Not much else to be said really, except that if you're on the lookout for a top-class shooter, Tatsujin's the one for you, me old chums.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic (Dec 29, 2001)
Just how good can a generic old vertical shooter be? Pretty good!! Truxton didn't impress me at first, but after a few plays I was hooked!! Truxton may not have flashy graphics or imaginative enemies, but it has the gameplay down pat. The rapid-fire action is nonstop, and the difficulty ramps nicely. The game is definitely challenging, but there are no cheap hits to be found. There are three weapons with three levels of power each, and trying to power-up your weapons becomes an obsession in of itself! The graphic objects are large and colorful, but not particularly imaginative or detailed. You bomb weapon simply flashes a skull on the screen. Good background music compensates for some mediocre sound effects, and limited continues let you pick up close to where you left off. I think the bottom line is that Truxton is extremely fun and addictive - one of the best shooters I've played on the Genesis.
GenesisZero (May, 1990)
Take a good game from the arcade and convert it to the Sega Mega Drive. Result: arcade machine in the home. Like so many coin-op conversions on the Mega Drive, Tatsujin is every bit as playable as the original. Even the graphics and sound are on a par with those of the arcade machine. Buy it!
GenesisRaze (Jan, 1991)
So get out there, shoot anything that moves, and if it doesn't move shoot it anyway - after all, it's your ass on the line.
GenesisMean Machines (Oct, 1990)
Truxton is a fine example of a pure, no-frills arcade blast. Just fly up the screen in your Supa Deathmobile and dish out laser doom to the oncoming baddies. At first the going is quite easy, but once the aliens start firing back and begin to attack in large numbers, the game becomes very challenging indeed - just wait until you tackle the exploding light bulbs (well, that's what they look like) on level three! The graphics are pretty straightforward, and the sound is alright, but when it comes down to gameplay, Truxton has plenty of blasting thrills and spills on offer.
TurboGrafx-16PC Engine Gamer (Feb, 2012)
I have time to form strategies, experiment with weapons, and occasionally I get to stop shooting for a couple of seconds! Tatsujin's easy mode may be every other game's hard mode, but it's exciting stuff and makes the game worth playing. In fact, bugger is, I'm off to have another go. Hoorah for cheats!
80 (Jan 02, 2009)
Truxton on Genesis is a great game with tons of replay value for shmup fans. The graphics - though not outstanding - are solid 16-bit fare, the sound and music are slightly above average, and the controls are perfect. Truxton is well worth collecting and playing, despite some frustration caused by unavoidable design compromises.
GenesisVideoGame (Mar, 1991)
Você é um piloto de combate que leva sua nave aos pontos mais distantes do espaço, derrotando todo tipo de inimigos, conquistando armas e ganhando cada vez mais força. Mas é importante economizar bombas para o final do jogo. Por isso, tente destruir os monstros maiores com o mínimo de bombas.
GenesisPower Play (Mar, 1990)
Nach "Thunderforce II" gibt's jetzt ein neues Action-Spiel für Mega Drive Flinkfinger-Künstler. Bei "Tatsujin", das mit dem Automaten "Truxxton" identisch ist, fliegt man mit einem kleinen Raumschiff über eine fremde Landschaft in der Vogelperspektive und wird pausenlos von allen möglichen feindlichen Raumschiffen angegriffen.
GenesisTilt (Sep, 1990)
Cette conversion d'un shoot-them-up à scrolling vertical de Toaplan n'est guère originale, mais elle n'en est pas moins efficace. Ça bouge vite et la présence de trois niveaux de difficulté rend ce programme accessible à tous. La réalisation est excellente, mais on regrettera l'absence de plein écran, ce qui est assez rare sur cette console. Un programme pour les fous de la gâchette.
I like Truxton a lot, but it just doesn't simulate the intense speed I would expect in a Genesis game. It plays like Xevious, but with the special power-ups and weapons, you may find yourself striving to power-up rather than complete the battle (which is too short). A decent shooter nonetheless.
ArcadeAll Game Guide (1998)
Overall, Truxton is a decent button-pusher. Its plot is not exactly original, but there are a few innovations to this shooter that make it worth playing.
TurboGrafx-16Video Game Den (Jun 13, 2010)
Tatsujin frankly deserves more than three stars but its brutal difficulty level (tougher than the arcade game I think) makes it lose its appeal.
TATSUJIN ist sicher kein schlechtes Spiel, doch in Anbetracht der Möglichkeiten des Mega Drive kommt es über den Durchschnitt nicht hinaus. Es sind nicht technische Mangel, die TATSUJIN abstufen, denn sowohl Grafik als auch das Scrolling sind untadelig. Der Spielablauf ist es, glänzt er doch lediglich durch Monotonie und Abwechslungslosigkeit. Da können die Grafiken noch so gut, die Umsetzung noch so identisch zum Original sein - TATSUJIN ist das Game für zwischendurch und läßt hoffen: Auf bessere Ballerspiele nämlich!