Tōshin Toshi 2

Tōshin Toshi 2 Screenshots

PC-98 version

Typical Alice Soft logo
Title screen
Main menu
Intro: memories, memories...
Intro: Seed and Selena
View of the city
I like Selena's fashion sense... :)
Main square
Camp menu
Don't run away, Seed...
One of your future "victims"...
Dungeon. You'll spend a lot of time here.
Low-level enemy
Low-level enemy defeated :)
Some enemies are sexy girls
I think we've made progress with Selena...
Now, this was rude, really
Traditional Alice Soft enemy
Come on, baby, let's stop talking
A girl is being assaulted by a monster. Can we save her?
This woman will level you up :)
A very gay-looking enemy!
Gay enemy defeated! Hilarious picture :)
Castle entrance
The enemies show some... parts
You can view the CG here
Dig the clothes!
Lesbian sex scene
Boss battle
Gangbang scene
Even Selena takes part in group sex...