Bomberman '93 Screenshots (TurboGrafx-16)

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TurboGrafx-16 version

Disputed Planets
Bomberman's control room
Planet Quarry
There's the exit
Bomberman kills himself
Oh my god, it's Pac-Man!
Say hello to Digger
Bomberman flies off to the next planet
How nice of Digger. Give Bomberman a yellow coat so he will be toasty-warm
Planet Blossom
Nice day for a swim, isn't it?
Say hello to Petunia
Petunia looks like she could use some water anyway
Planet Inferno
Say hello to Blastbat
What is Bomberman flying? A bat-kite?
Planet Wither
Say hello to El-Baal
El-Baal sure looks hungry
Planet Surf
Say hello to the Cockle Twins
Bomberman sits in his "crab chair" listening to one of his favorite tunes
Planet Icicle
Say hello to Grumpus
Ahhh... isn't that cute?
Planet Techo
Those Bombermen look cute riding their little bikes, don't they?
Say hello to your arch-enemy
Game Over