Bonk's Adventure Screenshots (TurboGrafx-16)

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TurboGrafx-16 version

The Beginning
Hit by an enemy #1
Hit by an enemy #2
Lethal plant
Clinging onto the wall
Swimming inside someone's stomach
Say hello to Huey
"Ooh, a little baby. Aren't you cute. Where's your mummy?"
Bonk is going up a waterfall
In some sort of cave
Bonk is swinging on a vine
That dinosaur thinks that he is a dude
Walking under a toad
Jumping on a cloud
Say hello to Gladdis
Meet Bonk's evil twin
It's slippery here
Eaten by a blue dinosaur
Bonk even looks evil underwater
Say hello to Kongo Zilla
Say hello to Punchy Pedro
Bonk is about to be eaten by an alligator
What's wrong with this animal skull?
Say hello to T. Ractorhead
Arrived in Moonland
Say hello to King Drool
King Drool is out of his shadow form