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Chase H.Q. (TurboGrafx-16)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Case - Sega Master System (Europe):
    New York, - to help eradicate crime, the Manhattan Police have established a special investigation headquarters. They call it CHASE H.Q. - its objective: to arrest criminals escaping in cars from the scene of a crime.

    New York - Unter dem Decknamen CHASE H.Q. hat die Polizei von Manhattan ein Sonderhauptquartier zur Verbrechenskämpfung eingerichtet, mit dem Ziel der Verhaftung krimineller Elemente, die vom Schauplatz ihres Verbrechens mit dem Auto flüchten.

    I New York har polisen pa Manhattan upprättat ett speciellt högkvarter som hjälpmedel mot brottslighet. Högkvarteret kallas för CHASE H.Q. (högkvarteret för brottlingsjakt) och dess uppdrag är att förhindra att brottslingarna lyckas fly fran brottsplatserna i bilar.

    New York. Pour aider à éliminer le crime, la police de Manhattan a établi un quartier général d'invigestation spécial. C'est le CHASE H.Q. Son objectif: arrêter les criminels qui s'échappent en voiture du lieu de leurs méfaits.

    Nueva York, como ayuda para erradicar el crimen, la policia de Manhatam ha establecido un cuartel general de investigacion especial. Se denominan CHASE H.Q., y u objetivo es arrestar a todos los criminales que escapen en automoviles de la escena de cualquier crimen.

    La polizia di Manhattan, allo scopo di sradicare i crimini di New York, ha istituito una sezione speciale di investigazione. La chiamano CHASE H.Q. e il suo obiettivo è quello di arrestare i criminali che fuggono in automobile dal luogo del crimine.

    Contributed by ケヴィン (4097) on Aug 09, 2008.

Original Arcade Flyer:
    Chase H.Q. - More than just a driving game

    Selected by A.M.O.A. "#1 Game of the Show!"

    "This is Nancy at Chase Headquarters.. We've got an emergency here... Ralph, the Idaho Slasher is fleeing toward the suburbs... The target vehicle is a white British sports car... Over."

    "10-4 Nancy... We read you loud and clear..."

    Available in 19 inch or 25 inch monitors

    Contributed by *Katakis* (37804) on Nov 28, 2005.

Amiga budget box cover (The Hit Squad):
    The fastest, most thrilling, 3D driving game yet! Take the wheel of your turbo-charged Porsche as you and your partner go in pursuit of dangerous criminals all driving an evil array of souped-up roadsters.

    Turbo boost! Need to catch up in a hurry? Well just one press of your Turbo button will leave your eyes in the back of your head!

    Barrelling through the city streets, along the roughest of dirts tracks and through busy tunnels - if you can hold the line! The low life can run but they can't hide...

    Chase H.Q. "If you're a speed freak, don't let this past you". - C+VG

    Contributed by *Katakis* (37804) on May 12, 2004.