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The Video Game Critic (Apr 27, 2005)
Not just a side-scrolling affair, the game's seven stages twist and turn in every direction. Some of the end-of-stage bosses are so over-the-top that they're borderline comical. My favorite is the little hunchback swinging around that huge ball and chain. The stages take you through underground temples, crypts, and watery caverns. There are plenty of surprises, like skeletal arms that burst through cave walls. There's a certain amount of platform jumping involved, but the controls are crisp and the difficulty is fair. Ominous orchestrated background music adds to the overall experience. Without a doubt, Legendary Axe II is one of the best titles for the Turbografx-16.
The graphics are brilliantly drawn - dark and eerie backdrops with creatures of the night leaping hither and thither. The sound is really good, with the odd clang and grunt thrown in for good measure, but the gameplay is where things really get hot! The difficulty curve lets you get to grips with a few nasties to start with, then lets you have it from all angles - not enough to have you screaming in frustration, but just enough to get the old adrenalin pumping overtime. Overall, a great sequel, and a brilliant hack 'n slash in its own right. Highly recommended!
90 (Apr 03, 2011)
Lasst euch nicht von den spartanisch aussehenden Bildern täuschen! "Legendary Axe 2" ist einfach nur großartig, sogar einen kleinen Tick besser als der Vorgänger und gehört deshalb in jede gute PC-Engine-Sammlung. Jeder, der was anderes behauptet, kam über den Grafik-Schreck nicht hinweg und hat dieses unscheinbare Glanzstück nur oberflächig begutachtet. Mir persönlich gefällt es mittlerweile genauso gut wie "Rastan", was schon sehr viel heißen will.
IGN (Jun 23, 2008)
If you're growing a TurboGrafx library, Legendary Axe II joins its predecessor as another must-have. The tight action, the great boss battles, and the wonderful encapsulation of the early 16-bit aesthetic make this a fun retro trip.
Power Play (Dec, 1990)
Viele Tugenden, die den ersten Teil zu einem hervorragenden Actionspiel machten, findet man auch bei der Fortsetzung. Da es für beinahe jeden Gegner eine Taktik gibt, wie man ihn ohne Energieverlust erledigt, kommt ein prima Spielgefühl auf. Dazu trägt auch die atmosphärische Musik bei, die mal einschüchtert, mal aufpeitscht - ein Lob an den Komponisten. Trotzdem reicht Legendary Axe 2 nicht ganz an den Vorgänger heran: Die meisten Feinde sind nicht sehr originell und fehlende Überraschungsmomente kosten ebenfalls ein paar Sympathien. Kurzum, ein "Gut" mit fallender Tendenz.
This game is only vaguely similar to the first Axe game. While the action is generally of the same mold, the look and game play aren't the same Axe I knew. Still, it's a decent game with cool graphics, but don't expect Axe.
Raze (Dec, 1990)
Admittedly, the game does look remarkably like Rastan Saga II also released this month. Unfortunately the game has changed little from itsSadly, the graphics haven't improved much, neither has the sound, in fact there are far better games available for the Engine.