Written by  :  Gustavo Henrique dos Santos (113)
Written on  :  Mar 14, 2014
Platform  :  TurboGrafx-16
Rating  :  4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars
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Nice game for PC-Engine consoles!

The Good

Power Drift was a great racing game made by Sega Enterprises. In PC-Engine (it was released only in Japan for this console), graphics were nice, sound effects and voices too and gameplay was excellent! Power Drift, unlike Sega's Hang-On or OutRun, didn't set up time as goal, setting, instead, position as one. Sega brought a new racing idea, which it was good at its time.

The Bad

This game wasn't released for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, a game made by SEGA! It's very odd... Also, game visibility wasn't very good, because it didn't allowed to see, in slopes and curves, the following way or cars.

The Bottom Line

If you have a PC-Engine, simply get and play this version. It's a nice game! Recommended.