Somer Assault Screenshots (TurboGrafx-16)

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TurboGrafx-16 version

Title Screen
Input your birth date. It will lead to a special suprise later in the game.
The story begins.
Level Beginning!
First Level
First Boss
Level 2 -- Step on the arrows to make the platform extend.
Level 2 Boss
Level 3 is the first real maze.
Level 3 Bosses
Level 4 is a narrow staircase with a fiery background.
Level 4 Boss
Level 5
Now that's nice: When you get to the boss that matches your sign, you get powerups!
Level 6 Boss
Level 7
Level 7 Boss
Level 8 Boss
Level 9
Level 9 Boss
Level 10 is all about making bridges.
The enemies in Level 11 move so fast you can barely see them.
Level 11 Boss
The 12th, and last level is the most clever.
Watch that time limit!