Akiyama Jin no Sūgaku Mystery: Hihō "Indo no Honoo" o Shishu Seyo Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

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TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen, Part A...
...and Part B
Dr. Akiyama as a cartoony video game character :) It's good to know he has a sense of humor!
On the way to the jewelry exhibition
View of the city
Fill 'er up, babe!..
A mystery in such a place?..
Airport. Standard menu commands
The Doc and Mayumi
Object sub-menu
So many people around...
Talking to an old guy
Reading a letter
The first task is a very simple logical problem
What is a detective mystery without sexy mysterious women? :)
Viewing the problem
I want to play King, the famous card game from St. Petersburg :)
This gets more complicated...
Problem conditions
More mysterious women...
The boss looks pretty stylish
Mathematics mode
Later the problems get very complex