Alshark Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

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TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
In the world of Alshark, there are elf-like races...
...and other interesting guys
Starting location. Dialogue with important characters are voiced in the PCE CD version, and have nice portraits
Character information
On the world (or, better to say, planet) map
Random battle. Equipped with handguns, you can shoot at the enemies from far away
Spaceport workers are on strike. No ships this time
Entering a dungeon
Enemies attack your party in a cave
Shion and Shoko, the heroes of the game, in an animated cutscenes
A tragic event presented with in-game graphics
The cockpit of your ship, Atlia. Here you can chat with your companions and access the universe map
Joe will use scrap gained in spaceship battles to develop items and customize the ship
A typical space station visual. This is the galactic center in Mars-controlled space
You can land on any planet and explore it on foot..
...or in various vehicles
Many planets have their own spaceports. This is one of them
In space you can access maps of all systems. Your own ship is represented by the square red dot
Relaxing in a luxurious hotel in the capital city of Mars
Space combat! Your ship has been upgraded, but is still too weak against this dangerous opponent
The mini-map can be called forth with a special item or a certain character's special ability, and is very helpful
A plot-dictated battle in a hostile outpost
The mysterious Myuntos dwell on the planet Stea in tiny villages hidden within huge forests
A boss battle in a cave
A battle in the mysterious ruins on Stea. One of your companions casts a fire spell
On the planet Juke you can pilot a tank through hazardous snow, and also fight in it
Exploring an abandoned ship
Capital city of Weltria. Note the alien faces
A few planets are less developed. This one is almost medieval, with lots of green and a castle controlled by a nobleman
Other planets resemble a rough mid-20th century civilization. Here I feel like the hero of Strugatsky's "Inhabited Island"...
This planet is covered by lava, watch your step!
These machines are too tough for this stage of my character development! They can kill a companion in one hit
A desert planet with a mysterious green fortress
Organic and robotic enemies team up to assault me in this high-tech dungeon