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TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Intro. The beginning of a long adventure...
Size D?.. ... Expect to see a lot of... err.. aesthetically pleasing material in this game :)
First gameplay area is a forest
Anita fights kobolds
Ochre jelly sets Ryeza on fire
Typical cave dungeon
The first meeting with the mysterious Kain
If you lose a battle, you'll see this funny screen, and will be able to continue
Beside the full-screen anime graphics, many cut scenes also have expressive dialogue portraits
Peninsula just south of town gates
Entering the town for the first time triggers this cut scene
Exploring the town
Fighting some "chinpira" (basically punks) outside of a bar
The game is full of cut scenes. Many of them are very sweet and goofy. And the voice acting is great
Come on, bartender, we are over eighteen!... Or... maybe not...
Yay, now that's entertainment!..
Performing a side quest: curing the little girl's sheep :)
Battle against some knights near a castle gate
Ryeza is falling in love!.. Anita doesn't know what to say :)
This is probably the most awesome moment in the entire game: the two girls perform a strip dance...
...and when I say "strip", I mean it!!... *faints* Well, that's all you'll see, though. It's not a hentai game or something
Visiting a church. The town has all the typical RPG locations, like item shops etc., but no inventory and no possibility to buy anything
Not all cut scenes are funny and/or sexy. Here, the princess recounts her tragic past
Ryeza dreams of marriage, power, and money... it would be hilarious if it weren't so sad, actually
Mountain top. Cave entrance
That's a very... err... nice view... from behind
It's a long way down...
The apalce is half-destroyed and haunted by mysterious creatures
Fighting golem guardians
Boss battle. Ryeza is hurt...
The villains actually look pretty good
One of the few bloody scenes in the game
It's time to inflitrate enemy fortress!..