Beyond Shadowgate Credits (TurboGrafx CD)

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Beyond Shadowgate Credits

Development Team

ProducersDoug Snook, Carol Balkcom
Lead ArtistDoug Snook
Lead DesignerDoug Snook
ProgrammingDonna Manning, Christian Gustafsson
DesignDonna Manning, Christian Gustafsson, Charles Oines, Tom Zehner
Programming SupportAndrew Glaister
ArtCharles Oines, Tom Zehner
Design SupportTony Sherman
Additional ArtJeff Troutman, Darin Klatt
Original ConceptDavid Marsh, Karl Roelofs
MusicMichael Cihak (Byte-Size Sound)
Opening and Closing PaintingsJim Holloway
Background PaintingsLil' Gangster, Richard Ziehler-Martin, Hector Ramirez
Voice ActorsRandy Latimer, E. Marty Malone, Walt Weaver, Bill Williamson, John Farrell, Jim Cunningham, Geanette Poole, Lynn Musgrave
Arranged WithJan Hilton (NUTS)
Recording and Sound EditingSound Alternatives Minneapolis
Quality AssuranceScott Lawrence, Mike Lee, John Podlasek (The Testing Source), Mike Casso
Special Thanks from the ICOM Development Team toSonoko Saito, John C. Brandstetter (TTI)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Doug Snook (12)