CD Hanafuda Bishōjo Club Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

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TurboGrafx CD version

The famed Games Express card
Title screen
Choose the girl!
Each girl introduces herself
The game of koi-koi begins
The first stage of undressing is surprisingly... err... liberal :)
Did I say the word "animation"? :)
Results of a koi-koi game...
...which bare... err... grave consequences to the loser :)
The red-headed "bad girl" opponent
Simplified version of hanafuda
Go for it!
Comparing the combinations
Just one more stage to go...
Choose the kind of game you want to play
Well, hello there!..
Oops... I lost
This girl's undressing animations are rather impressive
"And, with a light movement of the hand..." ("Diamond Arm")
This one is protected by hair! :)
It takes time...
Obligatory schoolgirl opponent
The schoolgirl is rather predictable