Double Dragon II: The Revenge Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

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TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Any offers from the circus lately?
Yes, I'm talking to you. This here is public park. No place for scum like you. Let's keep the planet green. Excluding your vomit, naturally
Ahh, finally alone... what should I do? Climb this ladder? Obvious, isn't it?
Why you... that hurt!!.. ouch!!... I'm a bloody HERO, damn it! Kindly keep your dirty paws off my face!
Nice cut scene between missions
My guess is: these are bad guys. Seriously. Just a gut feeling. Don't ask
The hero. Dig the hair style
You are a punk. Yes, you are. No other words for the likes of you
Haha! Now I can use this chain myself! S&M has been my lifelong dream
What? Are you INSANE? Throwing a boulder on my head?.. Didn't your Mom tell you it's impolite?
What a meeting near a helicopter. Gay romance? No, actually it's not. Just another enemy I have to beat to a bloody pulp
These weird cut scenes are always present between missions. Why don't they show their faces?..
Nice view of the night city
Great. I fought punks, but this here is a.. a... err... um... very big punk!