Exile Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

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TurboGrafx CD version

Cool title screen
Starting location. Dialogue boxes have pictures
I'm not sure I want to but anything from you...
You've assembled your party. Time to move
World map
Desert location
Entered a dungeon
Jumping on platforms
The hero, Sadler
Game Over screen
Killed by an antlion boss
Crusader-occupied Middle East. Trying to jump over archers
Swordfighting in Templar headquarters
This horse-riding boss stabs me in the back!..
Templar fortress
Yuug D'Payne. What are his true motives?..
Xipu... :)
Platforming in ominous Druid temple
Poor heretics are burned at stake in Europe. Censorship in Western localized versions of the 16-bit era? Not here.
A Hindu girl greets you in the famed city of Ayodhya. I wonder where the green hair comes from
It's time to visit some tropical jungle. Beautiful butterflies attack as Sadler jumps from branch to branch
Sadler respectfully knelt in front of some Buddhist deities in Cambodia. The deities stare back impassionately
Oh yeah? And you fight like a... err... a dude with an elephant head. Ganesha would be proud