Fantastic Night Dreams: Cotton Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

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TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
The heroine
Can you refuse her?..
...especially when she looks like this? :) Despite the female protagonists, this game surely has male audience in mind :)
Yeah, it's about time, Cotton
Starting the game. Little pink birdies/piglets (?), psychotic moons... Life is good
Haunted house scenario. Weird guys ahead
These warriors throw axes at you. Just silence them with bombs
The final boss of the stage looks like the Hindu god Brahma, what with the four faces and all
This is the screen you see between levels. Encouragement, you know what I'm saying? :)
Cut scenes advance the story between levels
No need for violence, Cotton
This level has maniacal singing dudes, crazy growing collections of heads...
...tiny green guys, solemn robots...
...mid-level tree boss...
...smiling clouds, treacherous archers...
...zombies who throw their own heads at you...
...and finally, a very tough skeleton boss. Oh my!..
Each level ends with this short bonus stage. Collect as many of those little thingies as possible
Cotton is greedy :)
This level has nice backgrounds. Shooting at those guys with fire
Birds and pesky pretty girls shoot at me
Mid-level boss here is a fire-spitting... fire guy
The dragon super-attack. Looks great
Mysterious castle with funny fire-spitting lions
The final boss here is a snake warrior. I just fried him with my lightning attack
Cute little devils try to stop me
Avoid the bats, destroy the trap
Plant boss. Avoid those blue circles!..