Fatal Fury Special Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

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TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
The former Fatal Fury bosses star in the intro...
Funny difficulty level selection
Player select. It's brothers fighting each other!..
Sorry, brother... :)
Match-ups also show the country of the opponent
It all started as a friendly meeting in a nice country house...
...but got out of hand when we went into the canyon. I'm going back to Thailand, Americans are too unpredictable for my taste
Mai kicks Big Bear where it hurts most...
...and Big Bear hugs and kisses her in return. You see what a tender soul lies beneath the brutish look!
Ahh, it feels good when a kick connects. Especially with the beautiful Thailand background
Mai is doing her victory pose. Buddhist monks are watching respectfully
Winner screen
The next challenger is a new guy... old Chinese master
Beautiful Chinese scenery!..
The master actually apologizes to the opponent after defeating her :)
The two Japanese fighters are more interested in the battle than in the lovely art...
...in fact, the old guy is so angry that he destroys the pictures! Vandalism is not the answer, old man!..
This biker was just quietly driving through the streets of Seoul, unable to understand what was going on...
...until night descended. Kim elegantly kicked Mai into the air. The biker began to understand what was going on
This is a challenger? This is a Hong-Kong businessman!..
Hong-Kong scenario. Cheng does his customary ape-like taunts
Mai's bonuses are rolling, and Cheng simply doesn't get it :)
The old Chinese master desperately tries to keep up with the disco rhythm
Hey, why so violent? Don't destroy anything on the match-up screen, please. I still have to submit this screenshot to MobyGames, you know
It's night in Japan... and Mai is about to do a pole dance. Hopefully :)
Looks like Mai is tap-dancing on this new guy's head :) Note how the head changed into a hand in the background
Mai defeats Andy in Italy, and those cute chicken are watching
Mai vs. Mai! Day scenario in Japan, pure existentialism