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TurboGrafx CD version

A list of trademarked beasts :) Don't you have some pretty girls to trademark?.. :)
Title screen
Godzilla in its full glory
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful?..
Choosing play mode
Stage select
Let's do battle!
Godzilla and Anguirus punching each other in the air
Anguirus is victorious
Continue screen
Godzilla takes on Rodan in a nice outdoor area
Vs. mode, monster select
Vs. mode options
Anguirus and Rodan duke it out in Ginza, Tokyo
Tail spin attack
Blood-sucking attack
Booh!... Not scared?..
Looks like Rodan has been enlightened by the teaching of Buddha Shakyamuni. "Defeating thyself is truly the greatest victory" :)
Stage clear!
Taking on the fat, dumb Gigan :) Note the monster on the background
Ghidorah attacks me, with a beautiful planet in sight
Pesky Megalon. Again, note the battle on the background
Hedorah is sucking my blood. Disgusting!..
Hedorah likes changing forms. Now he throws rocks at me...
This one is really scary. Suddenly, it hits with the tentacles...
...or grabs me and doesn't let go!!..
MG I, a mechanical guy, fires at me
Great. Now I have to face KING Ghidorah, a three-headed fire-breathing dragon!
What is this, a celebrity show?..
Underwater battle against the disgusting Battra
Now it's time to select the final boss. Only one is available, what with my low points
A great place to do the last battle
This is the final boss??.. Don't be fooled by its appearance, it's quite deadly