Kabuki Ittōryōdan Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

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TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Kabuki Danjurou is being quoted. The end of the world is near... :)
Nice options screen :)
Of course, in the scenario mode Kabuki's first opponent is Kikugorou!... :)
Loading screen
Go, Kabuki! Show him!..
Kikugorou is defeated!
Kabuki in his typical pose, saying some... err... very typical words :)
Oh no, I don't want to fight my girlfriend...
Okuni has a beautiful scenery...
...and a deadly fire attack!
Fighting Push Fujiyama on his grounds. That's... unwanted physical contact :)
Kabuki defeats Fujiyama and does a dance of joy
Kabuki vs. Kabuki. Different hair color, though :)
Life Attack is basically a free battle mode
Mikoshikicks at Jingoro
Mikoshi is victorious. Nice... err... leotard, right? That's what it's called?... :)
Ahh, chick battle :) Gotta love that :)
Zeami vs. Gulp/Garp. Beautiful, dark scenery
Yay, it's Mantou! Go, you big monkey! :)
Ouch. Fujiyama hits Mantou on the head near his own house
I didn't know Fujiyama was gay :)
Mikoshi is performing weird acrobatics. Zeami is watching in awe
Battle on a bridge: Mikoshi vs. Mikoshi!!..
And now Mikoshi takes on Kabuki himself. Pretty girls are watching, supporting Kabuki :)