Ranma 1/2 Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

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TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
The famed Tendo Dojo
Genma reads about the Giant Panda Spring
Introducing the heroes: Ranma the male, Ranma the female...
...and the three charming Tendo sisters
This animal is actually Ranma's father! :)
Player select in Vs. mode
Please don't use umbrellas where they don't belong
The password screen is really funny... you choose heads, bodies, and legs of different people to get to the stages you need
PETA would mind
Jumping on rocks, fighting little demons... that's life
Cut scene: Ranma and Genma are practicing
Boss battle against genma. Acrobatic performance
Yes, Ranma, you'll need a bra now
Protecting your lady from evil schoolboy archers
Your rival, the Casanova-wannabe
Here you don't just fight the boss, but also avoid lightning and lava
Fateful moment... fighting this lovely girl!..
The female Ranma pushes jars to damage enemies...
...but these enemies do the same thing... only much more!..
Leading the girl out as female Ranma
Touch the water, and you'll change your sex...
Evil pretending guys throw hot water at you! We all know what that means...
Ranma stops suddenly... oh wow... just don't turn into female form now :)
How patriotic :)
Running away from a big boulder
Naturally, the bridge collapse
Boss battle: giant panda!
Feel the schoolboy wrath!.. :)
Fighting in a fancy restaurant
Avoiding flames in a basement
I like meet, but not that much...