Shape Shifter Credits (TurboGrafx CD)

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Shape Shifter Credits


Senior ProgrammerRoman Scharnberg
Assisting ProgrammerChristian Gustafsson
Senior ArtistTom Zehner
Assisting ArtistDoug Snook
ProducerDavid Marsh
DesignDavid Marsh, Doug Snook, Tom Zehner, Roman Scharnberg, Christian Gustafsson
Additional DesignKarl Roelofs, Brian Babendererde
Additional ArtworkDavid Marsh, Ricardo Delgado, Hector Martinez, Richard Martin, Roman Scharnberg
VoicesLen Goodman, Randy Ladamer, E. Marty Malone, David Marsh, John Olson, Lee Walker, Walt Weaverman, Jean Williamson
DialogueDavid Marsh
TalentN.U.T.S. - Minneapolis MN
Audio RecordingTri Audio-Digital - Minneapolis MN
SoundtracksDavid Tumminaro, Chuck Steneck, Music Comp Inc. - Roselle IL, Fine Line Studios Inc., E. Dundee IL
Slipping into NowhereTodd M. Papaleo (Lyrics/Music/Synthesizers), Brad Donelly (Lyrics), Sven Herman (Music/Guitars/Synthesizers), Performed by Zipnick Youth, Chris Herman (Guitars), Digitally mastered at Midimagic Studios - Northbrook IL, John Slywka (Engineer), Copyright 1992 Monkmusic Inc., All rights reserved
Special Thanks toFred Allen, Brian Babendererde, Brian Baker, Carol Balkcom, Brad Delaney, Dennis Defensor, Eugene Evans, Michael Garber, Joseph Gaucher, Andrew Glaister, Janette Heersche, Rob Herman, Michael Manning, Donna Manning, Teri Marsh, Duncan Meech, Todd M. Papaleo, Michael Pole, Boris Remus, Karl Roelofs, Kathy Rodger, Todd Squires, Julie Stranz, June Stoltman, Richard J. Susinka, Jeff Troutman, Sarah E. Tuten
Executive TypeKenneth Tarolla
Developed byICOM Simulations Inc.
In memory ofTod Zipnick (1955-1991)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (506100)