Shape Shifter Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

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TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Lovely intro
The five rings... or gems... or IPhone menu items... who knows
Great, I see we can begin the class reunion!
It was a sunny day... I enjoyed the nature... no holes in the ozone layer... mutated red spiders tenderly leaping at me...
The city consists of an elevator and a few shops. Nobody here seems to have a house, save for the elder
Healing shop
Are you sure you want to do magics with this guy?..
Hey, I just wanted to ask, is it really your head over there, or did you attach somebody else's head to your neck? Geometrical inconsistency, you know what I'm saying?
The hero can also kick. That's what he is doing there, just before using the outhouse
Ahh, the spider lair. Helpless prisoners... Don't worry, I'll rescue you, even though I'm so broke I can't even afford a shirt
Boss battle against a mean Spider Mama
Your axe has leveled up, now it's a throwing axe! Cool!..
In a cave, fighting skeletons
Skeleton boss. All you need is to hurt his heart. Let's see, maybe a recording by Kenny G will do the trick?..
Got the panther form! How cool!..
The panther leaps to new, unexplored areas...
Hey, stop bothering me! Meow!!..
Nice Game Over screen...
The panther is waiting....
This Egyptian-like place is populated by some insane leaping dudes
Rescuing a princess? How about meeting a psychopath who will turn this whole structure into a boss in a few seconds?
One of the easier boss battles, against a muddy guy
Got the shark transformation! Swimming underwater, as sharks usually do
High-tech underwater civilization
There is something charmingly corny in the graphics
Hey, I don't want to get electrified or nothing
Whee! A barbarian in a fan maintenance room!