Sol Moonarge Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

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TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen A
Title screen B
Intro: pretty images...
...and not so pretty ones!..
Introducing the heroes... well as some animals :)
I think I understand every word here, but still not the meaning...
The hero Pinocchio... err... I mean... Soleil is outside, training
Character information screen
Exploring a town
Oh wow, dialogue options in a Japanese RPG?? Yes sir! You can A) accept the quest, or B) ask the king to repeat what he said... :)
You don't need a new interior decorator, princess, don't make such a beastly face, please...
Bears run shops :) Talk about animal rights :)
Like many of the locations in this game, the world map is designed in a rather unique style
Random battle: day
Random battle: night
Looks like we're throwing a party!
Outside of the thieves' fortress. Why wo I have the feeling I'm not welcome here?..
Fighting a thug on a fortress wall
Exploring a sinister tower
Battle in a tower
Boss battle. As usually, bosses like to talk
Zooming out on the world map
The scared palace...
Cut scene... something horrible is happening!..
The two Moon Goddesses find Soleil. "It could have been worse", - Soleil thinks gratefully, counting his non-broken ribs
Fighting assorted mid-level wackos in a dark... well as a colorful, cartoony environment
Oh no! I must save these prisoners...
Climbing on vines
Fighting a crazy dude in the tower
One of the few side-scrolling areas in the game. There is no action gameplay, though, no jumping or anything like that
Any Russian would immediately understand: this boss has a bottle of vodka, which is too much for him alone, so he splits into three...