Advertising Blurbs - SNES:

    Space Invaders for the Super NES included all the familiar elements, from the classic marching sound effects and the original background, to the on screen text calling for players to "add coins". Your goal was to shoot all of the invaders before they either shoot you or reach the bottom of the screen.

    This game is no longer available.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65892) on Apr 25, 2005.

Back of Box - SNES (US):
    A Blast From The Past With A Fresh New Way To Play!

    The unrelenting alien invasion now returns in its original format. Old-timers will delight in finding their favorite screen-type to play once more. Novices can quickly get the hang of it and show them "how-it's-done." Intense competitors will delight in the new VS. Mode that offers a fast, fierce, furious contest of itchy-trigger-finger satisfying action.

  • An arcade-perfect version of the original coin-operated classic.
  • Play your favorite of the four different screen-types.
  • Try the original mode in one or two-player arcade fashion.
  • Features the fabulous new VS. two-player head-to-head mode.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65892) on Apr 05, 2005.