Tenchi Muyō!: Ryō-ōki Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

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TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
The heroes together
Heroes one-by-one: Sasami, the little princess
Sasami is drawing...
...a title screen for this game :)
Those two always fight over Tenchi...
This "battle screen" is just a fake, the computer will choose for you :)
Outside of Tenchi's house
Washu, the great scientist
All the girls together...
The story continues...
Tenchi's room
Sleeping hero
Platform navigation screen
Outside. Choices: press the button or not?
Tenchi decides not to go too far away
Tenchi tries to enter woman bath. He fails...
...so he uses the toilet instead
Working hard in the field. Tenchi is from a simple peasant family
Nobody in Dad's room...
Dialogues have nice portraits
Bumped into the great detective :)
Women... you can't live with 'em...
Intermission screen
Everyone is eating
Knock or open the door?
Wow, wow, wow... Hi, Detective! Do you want to frisk me? I think I'm packing... hehehehe!
No, this is not a new sexual technique. Don't make police officers angry! :)