Twin Hawk Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

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TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Me and my friends here get deployed...
...with a bang!
You... spoony tank!
Those cute little trucks might contain a power up! Try blowing them up! (Kids, don't do that at home)
Bosses and mini-bosses like spouting out such blue orbs. They probably do that to compensate for their lack of self-respect and active social life
Hey hey guys, good to have you around again!..
Battle on a highway. Power-ups are floating liberally
Stationary cannons. Tsk, tsk...
This boss goes crazy with those orbs
Ouch... Killed at a harbor
Ships and tanks of all countries, unite!..
These tanks can shoot treacherous curved fire
Ruined city...
Railway, with tanks instead of trains!..
Killed by a big mean machine
Stage complete!..
Nice nature... except for those tanks...
You have serious anger management issues
Check out those nice houses!..
Very nice... purple level
More bosses, more orbs... this is getting monotonous
This stage is completely over sea
Bigger ship appears...
...and then even a bigger one! Size matters?..
That's it. Killed by two maniacs with devilish fire patterns