Valis III Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

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TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Intro: demonic war...
No demon can resist the power of skimpy underwear!
Wake up, Yuko!
Gotta find the sword of Valis...
I don't talk to girls in pajamas!
My swooooord!!..
Attacked by a pesky purple guy
No, you shouldn't attack it, Yuko. Just slide down
Behind me is the source of my power - the magic commercial of NEC!
A cutscene depicting the meeting between Yuko and Cham
Do you see this? A transparent enemy! Very cool!
Boss battle against a flying dude. Go Belmont, Cham!
Cham is taking on a fire-spitting sea serpent
I need to get that power-up. Do you mind?
Cham is charging up...
Princess Valna in jumping action
The princess fights this boss with well-placed and cool-looking blue magical discs
Yuko is trying to survive this interesting water stage
One of the tougher challenges involves hitting this bell enough times, all the while avoiding these pesky knights. Valna here puts some protecting orbs
Hey, I'm going to be rich!
The three girls in a dramatic cutscene
Check out Yuko's new outfit! Once again, clear Castlevania influence, don't you think?