Ys: Book I & II Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

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TurboGrafx CD version

Intro Cinema
Title Screen
Adol leaving ship
The brand-new, PC Engine CD-exclusive intro is very nice..
...even though it displays some dubious characters
Adol is enjoying his vacation in the town... but not for long
No kidding? And here I was thinking everything is A-okay
Whom are you calling amateur, you jerk?! I'm the protagonist of a groundbreaking action RPG!!
Yup, I do need some "help"... hehe... what? It's not THAT kind of place? Oh, alright, alright... A herb or somethin' will do fine, too... geez
Sounds tempting, but my mommy told me never to drink alcohol with people I don't know
Let the action begin! Bump, bump, bump!!
This statue has a different color. Three guesses whether this means something or not
Boss battle. Good timing is essential!
One of the game's complex dungeons