Zero4 Champ II Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

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TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Cruising on a mountain road
Check out my wheels!..
Car selection for versus mode
Getting started...
Come on, sure you can go faster than that car!
Mountain road scenery. I lost...
Two-player mode racing: car selection
Two-player mode racing in progress
Yup, MOBY is a great driver :)
The hero has no money... yet
Being challenged by the American...
...and losing
Saying good-bye to the girlfriend?..
American airport. The hero doesn't understand English yet
On the way to the new house
The hero is welcome
Main menu is accessed from the hero's room
That's why I came to America!
Central area. Digitized photos
You must learn English before everything else
Security guard part-time job
First-person "dungeons" are graphically much more impressive than in the first game
Turn-based combat as part of the mini-game
Do you have a job for me?..
Race to the destination in time
This looks like a nice job...
They pay different amounts of money for different dogs
We went to walk and met a cat!
Car shop
Checking out cars
Putting a car in the garage
Going to races