Twin Cobra Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Helicopters attacking.
Approaching land.
Destroy the enemy.
Shoot the helicopter for power-ups.
Get that power-up.
Tanks to contend with.
On an airfield.
End of level boss.
Smart bomb.
Having a rest.
On the high seas.
Take out the guns.
Helicopters and planes.
Approaching Battleship.
Destroy all on deck.

FM Towns version

Title screen
Getting deployed
Defense systems
Tanks attack
Flying over a city
Look, so many power-ups and bombs!
Those tanks and pesky hostile helicopters finally got to me
Powered-up red shot
Paused the game
Stage complete, the P stars you picked up from destroyed buildings are counted, each is worth 3000 points
Found a 1up
The FM Towns version has some extras on the game disc as well
Including this bonus game
Where the objective is to collect all the tires without running into/touching the trains or tanks

Genesis version

Title Screen
Flying into Kaban
Player starting carrier
Shooting enemies, S powerup
Tanks and large helicopter (player is dead)
Tanks and S powerup, player exploding
Continue screen
The explosions of one's smart bombs are satisfyingly large.
The ships which carry power-ups shoot back unfortunately.
The weapon shoots in four directions simultaneously.
Still got some lives left.
Boss fight

NES version

Title screen
Title screen (JP)
Taking off
Shooting a helicopter
The round power-ups give you a weapon depending on their colour.
Destroying a city
The first boss
Stage 2 takes place at sea
The second boss

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
The configuration menu is accessible by pressing the HELP key at the title screen
Start of the game
Red is a straight vulcan shot
Green shot is a narrow laser
Blue is the spread shot
Yellow is a 4-way shot
Came across a 1UP
Some of the bosses come in pairs
Even out on the sea everyone is trying to kill you
Another pair of bosses that spew bullets like crazy
Yikes, that doesn't look good, also in this X68000 version you can suicide by pressing the DEL key
The S icon powers up your weapon
This boss doesn't move around but instead fires a very fast spread shot
The number of stars you picked up are counted at the end of a level
Pesky plane
And yet another pair of bosses
Unleashing a Bomb on the bosses

TurboGrafx-16 version

Title screen forming up
Main title screen
From the demo mode
More late game action
Ready to start
Early turrets
The right of the screen is the safest place here
A bit close for comfort here