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DOS version

Title Screen
Intro: Twinsen's bedroom
Intro: Twinsen and Zoe. How sweet!..
Starting the game in Twinsen's house
Map of Citadel Island. Pretty helpful, since locations tend to be quite large in this game
The game's world is populated by funny, exotic creatures. Talking with Bob near the shop. Check out the weather effects!..
Something happened in the shop... Thief!
Talking cow? Play the game and find out...
Even the loading screen is charming in this sweet game!..
Exploring the local museum. Hmm, looks like you found something...
Tral├╝, one of the many original creatures you'll meet on your journey
Esmers - evil aliens in this cute world...
Relax in the local tavern! Have a drink or something, chat with people...
Harbor in Desert Island
Roof of the Hacienda
Entrance to the School of Magic
First task in the School of Magic
Yo, check out my wheels!..
The Dome of the Slate
Eventually you'll gain access to a spaceship and travel to different planets!
Otringal spaceport
Twinsen is imprisoned! You'll have to figure out how to escape
The "Sporty" mode allows you to jump. That's what you're doing right now. In a desert. Near a cozy car. As an old wizard
The game will take you to many interesting, exotic places. You are trying to fix a Moon while bouncing around in a robotic spacesuit
Confrontation is not uncommon. In this military base, you are cornered by a tank and a soldier
The game has many FMV cutscenes - this is just one of them. Do you feel the romance?..
You'll discover some strange items and clues you won't be able to figure out immediately
Interesting architecture, don't you think? You are practicing your Discreet mode moves in front of unsuspecting workers
Status screen and mode screen: switch between four behavior patterns, each with its own abilities
Sci-fi element increases as the game progresses. In this console room, you deploy a nitro penguin that will explode in a few seconds!..
Over the course of the game you'll accumulate many interesting items. You can view them all in such close up
You were just brought back to life by the power of that leaf in the top left corner. Check out the turtle swimming away!..
I fall in love too easily, I fall in love too fast...
There is a lot to do in this game. If you want, take a break from your world-saving quest and play the slot machines in a casino!..
You'll have to overcome some environmental hazards in some missions. Be careful of those fireballs!..
A futuristic base. You just fell into poisonous liquid and died...
You are being attacked right in the center of a hostile city. You are losing blood rapidly... I don't think this super jetpack on your back will help you much here!..
Interiors are decorated with lovely, warm detail. In this room, you practice your throwing skills - the red ball bounces back to you every time
Even a dwelling deep within underground mines can be cozy! Check out character routines here
Those creatures throw balls at you, and you'll need to figure out what to do!..
Enemy paratroopers attack! What will you do now?..
Fighting a maniacal boss enemy in a lavishly decorated palace!
One of the game's final missions. This tough enemy has just hit you... Hang in there, little hero!..

Windows version

When the game begins, it's raining
Twinsen and Bersimon, the Weather Wizard
Inside Chez Luc
The aliens arrive with their spaceships and strange looking "dog-things"
An overview of Citadel Island's downtown
Talking with an alien at the Harbor. Can you see the Dome of Slate over there?
Spending some time
Talking with another alien at White Leaf Desert Island's Downtown (Is he twin brother of that other?)
What the heck?! That alien is shooting me!
Twinsun's invasion, after Twinsen's return from Zeelich for the first time
In the opening sequence you get a tour around Twinsen's house, including his bedroom.
This is the room Twinsen is working on for his son that's about to arrive any time now.
These days everything is quiet in Twinsun.
Twinsen breaks into the museum dedicated to himself in order to obtain his tunic.
The temple of Bu has turned into some kind of theme park. Here you can shoot darts at ducks.
The Esmers give espionage a rather clichי aspect.
Twinsen must finish his studies in the school of magic before he can reach the 2nd level of magic.
Jerome Baldino seems to be working on some new invention...
During his adventure, Twinsen can stop to relax in the pub on Otringal island and watch the show.
The only way to get around Zeelich is with flying taxis.
Twinsen takes a ride on many types of transportation during his journey.
On his way to the undergas, Twinsen must take out an assassin sent after him.
The only way to move from island to island in the undergas is with the ferryman.
The army wants Twinsen, but not as a recruit.
Here is where all the fragments take place in the big ceremony that is supposed to take place on celebration island.
Easter Egg - Stanley Opar from Time Commando.

Official Screenshots

  • Twinsen's Odyssey Screenshot
    Press Kit - PC Collector (November 1996)
  • Twinsen's Odyssey Screenshot
    Press Kit - PC Collector (November 1996)
  • Twinsen's Odyssey Screenshot
    Press Kit - PC Collector (November 1996)
  • Twinsen's Odyssey Screenshot
    Press Kit - PC Collector (November 1996)
  • Twinsen's Odyssey Screenshot
  • Twinsen's Odyssey Screenshot
  • Twinsen's Odyssey Screenshot
  • Twinsen's Odyssey Screenshot
  • Twinsen's Odyssey Screenshot
  • Twinsen's Odyssey Screenshot
  • Twinsen's Odyssey Screenshot
  • Twinsen's Odyssey Screenshot