Twisted Metal 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Main menu
Main Menu (Japanese version)
Car selection
Driving around.
An enemy in my sights.
Intro tease FMV
Story FMV
The last Twisted Metal left L.A. in ruins.
So Calypso claims the entire world as the battleground for Twisted Metal 2.
Each character gets a profile screen.
Paris level
Leaping off the Eiffel Tower.
Hit the turbo for a mean speed boost.
New York level. Fight between rooftops.
Don't fall off!
Hong Kong level.
Battle at the docks.
Holland level. Basically an open field.
Antarctica level.
Moscow level.
Moscow consists only of a small arena pit.
Amazonia level. Watch out for lava.
Sweet Tooth appears as a secret character.
Enter the right code and take the Tooth through the entire tournament.
Minion (boss from TM1) is also a secret character.
Minion has the strongest special attack in the game.

Windows version

Main menu
Game modes
Input device setup
Multiplayer options
Choose battleground - New York
Choose battleground - Paris
Enemy - Roadkill
Select car - Axel
Select car - Outlaw 2
Select car - Twister
There are many different maps, this one has lot of snow
Big explosion - it looks bad
Bike is available to drive with
I found a good place to watch the action in Paris
Electric gadgets are useful sometimes
Attacking enemy with all weapons i have
There are not much details neat highway
Hollywood sign
Homing missiles are making targeting easy
Somebody made a ice-cube out of me
Single missile needs more practice
This is called Napalm
Some Paris streets are narrow and good for escapes
Shadow Mortimer info
Rockets explosion
Some fire is effective
Axel info
Long fall
Deadly duel
Speed chase
Now, time to death
Flaming wrecks.... cool!
Warthog Capt. Rogers info