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Windows version

Ella Runciter makes an appearance in the opening FMV; if you've read the novel you know who she is.
The game's visuals borrow cues from Blade Runner, a film adaptation of another Phillip K. Dick novel
The FMV intro ends with the game title screen.
The tutorial doesn't help all that much.
Main Menu.
Game Options screen.
Pick the difficulty setting and you're on your way.
Each mission treats you with its own loading screen.
Joe Chip, the hero of the story. He seems pissed, probably because he's living in his office.
The in-game characters are 3D, while the environment is pre-rendered.
Joe's office. Each room can be viewed from multiple angles.
Yes, Joe has a bed in the next room.
Each time you meet a significant character, the game treats you to a short FMV.
The game has a decent dialogue system.
The elevator man, I mean android.
Mr. Glen Runciter of Runciter Associates. Also known as your boss.
The first mission you're given is to find Pat Conley, a young woman with strange psionic abilities.
G.G. Ashwood fills you in with some more details on your job.
Golems. Combat cyborgs developed by the Israelis and the first notable foe you'll encounter.
The briefing room.
Joe's stats.
Hiring your squad mean choosing between a number of people with a talent for guns and/or psi.
You can have up to 5 people, including Joe, in the squad.
The in game library is actually more helpful than the Tutorial.
The top of the Runciter building.
This is the workshop.
Meet Wendy. She and Joe used to date...
... but things didn't go that well between them.
Taking off for your first mission.
Listen up, boys and girls. This will go by the numbers.
Down we go!
It's time to kill us some security personnel.
Patricia Conley, the object of your first mission and an important character in the novel.
Every time you load a game, Pat puts a display of her powers in a short FMV.
Exit screen.