UEFA Euro 2008 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PSP version

Title screen
Main menu
Pre-match options
Shooting a free kick
High balling at midfield
Taking a corner kick
Celebrating a goal
Only the goalie to beat
Concentrating on kicking the ball
Breaking through the defense
Final score
Team management menu
Player bio screen
Goalie taking a goal kick
Yellow card received due to foul move
Players almost getting into a fist fight
Half-time statistics
Challenge mode objectives
A volley shot

Windows version

Cut-scene from the intro video
Title screen
Main menu
Team selection screen
Team management screen
The stadium is full of people.
Players shake hands before match begins.
So close, but it's not a goal.
Side throw
Player about to kick the ball.
After a foul, you get a free kick.
The football field from far away
Instant replay mode
You can create you own player.
The game includes a Captain Your Country mode.
The goalie saves the day.
Players down in the field
The goalie is not happy that opposing team scored.
The game starts when player passes the ball.
Loading screen
Penalty shoot-out mode
The goalie gets ready for penalty shot
Team finland has won the game.
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