Ultima I: The First Age of Darkness Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
Main menu
Character Generation
Outside a dungeon
Attacked by bat
Attacked by skeleton

Apple IIgs version

The Title Screen
Choosing from Options
The Character Creation Screen
Wandering in the Overland
Visiting a Town
Shopping in a Transportation Shop
Taking the Black Dragons Quest
Gaining the Red Gem
Taking the Castle Barataria's Quest
A Cyclops. The intriguing cards are because of the limits of the room on the floppy disk and the 16 colors of IIgs

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Main menu
Character generation
The adventure starts here
Lord British's castle
You are dead
Buying a weapon

DOS version

Opening Title - Ultima 1: The First Age of Darkness
Castle of Lord British
Main Menu
Character Generation - Odd that you for race you can pick besides human: Elf, Dwarf and Bobbit.
Game start - Overland travel view
Entering the Castle of Lord British.
Entering the City of Britain.
A bobbit? No, not *that* Bobbit!
Hopping off a horse amidst a slew of enemies.
An eclectic selection of vehicles and mounts; yes, that is a shuttle above the aircar.
Fighting in and emerging from a dungeon is the primary way to gain hit points early in the game.
The obligatory giant rat that every RPG must set against the player early on.
Facing a cyclops eye to... eye.
Ultima I's liches look strangely reminiscent of Ultima VII's Guardian...
Early D&D influence; fighting a "mind whipper" with a "blaster" -- Expedition to the Barrier Peaks anyone?
Given the plot twist in Ultima VI in regard to Daemons, Origin's first representation of them here is interesting.
I swear I didn't yell, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" at my computer...
Lolo's first appearance
Evidence of influence from Traveller; vacc suits and reflec[t] armor
One of the eight quests assigned by the kings in their castles.
Rescuing a princess; she gets caught again real quick afterward, it seems.
Counting down to blastoff.
In earth orbit; you can dock at the base and switch to the other ships.
Sector scan, showing alien sectors with alien ships, stars and bases.
Kit... turboboost! Oh, sorry, wrong reference...
The sole purpose of the space part of the game is to find 20 aliens ships and shoot them to become an ace; that's it.
The character sheet; gameplay-wise, little differentiates the fighter from the cleric.
A certain princess will reveal the location of the time machine (?) if you are a "space ace" (yes, Garriott was all over the place with this game, bless his heart)
Boarding the time machine with everything in order.
The final confrontation
Fighting Mondain; notice the now classic Ultima spell effect.
Mondain is, of course, rather tough.
The end
Mountains are impassable
Typical fight
I want fight on beach!
Buy something!
Castle of Lord British (CGA)

MSX version

Title screen
Game intro
Who did what
Who did what else
Start a new game?
Creating a character
Fighting with a warlock
Killed the warlock and took his money
Inside Lord British's castle
The Lord tells you to visit the Grave of Lost Soul
Outside the town of Paws
Entering the town of Paws
Attacked by pirates

PC-88 version

Copyright screen
Title screen + Main menu
Character creation
A wizard character not far from the city of Britain
Lord British's castle
City of Britain
Town of Paws
Attacked by an evil-looking sorcerer
Typical dungeon. Ladder
Random battle in a dungeon
Visiting a large castle
I have a ship!
Equipment screen
Status screen
Lasers in a dungeon?..
Fighting a rat
Lots of doors...
Battle against a skeleton
Guys, stop hurting me!..

PC-98 version

Title Screen
Title screen
Main menu
Character creation
Starting point
City of BRITIAN?..
Transportation system
Lord British's castle
City of Paws. Where is Captain Claw? :)
Attacked by a bandit. Dungeon entrance behind a mountain range...
City of Moon?.. Where is the glow? :)
Dungeon. Fighting an armored dude
Skeleton battle
I don't like what I see here...
Doors, doors, doors...
Looks like I'm cornered
Fighting a goblin and a sea monster
This conjurer is a pain