Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Main Menu
Intro: the baron blames you for the assault on his daughter...
....and into the abyss you go!
Will you ever see daylight again?
Character creation
Ahh, reading plaques in a desolate dungeon... That's what I always wanted to do as a kid
Exploring a mystical orb
Talking to NPCs
Warren "Spectre"! Hehehe...
Mano a mano against the evil mage Tyball. He doesn't go down easy...(unless you find the trick to cut off his powers)
The fabled automap can be filled with notes.
Magic is rune-based. Here's my collection of Runes.
Stats screen
These banners indicate friendly settlements in the abyss
Although you'll be surprised at the composition of those settlements. You can chat freely with groups of Ghouls, Trolls and Goblins
Drag and drop from the inventory to the screen to use items...
This guy is bad news...
Murdering innocent NPCs... the way of the Avatar
Death waits for no one
You advance your skills by chanting (actually typing) the correct Mantra at a Shrine
Levers and buttons! A puzzle awaits!
Wouldn't be a fantasy RPG without a few undead enemies
Trolls don't go down easy
Bartering with a Lizardman. Note their bizarre language. You can actually learn and translate what they are saying.
The princess, at last?..
Dude, seriously, you're on fire today
Yes, I'm peckish and wide awake. You got a problem with that?!.. ... Anyway. That's a lot of bricks. And treasure. And me showing off my key collection and all
LOOK at me... I'm as helpless as a kitten up a tree...
I'd never guess it is currently morning... And guys... can't we all just get along? I get nervous when attacked by giant spiders, maniacal trees, and lightning spells. I'm weird that way
You'll meet some very interesting creatures and engage in philosophical discussions
Swimming is fine. Sure. It's a pity they didn't tell me about the crazed hippo-wannabes who'll bite me to death when I was booking this vacation
You'll discover some clues... scrolls... map pieces... and stuff
Aha, now we're talkin'! Ax animation in progress. Take this, you... you... body!
Levitation, dude! Look at me floatin' an' all. The mongbat is watching. The adventurer in the deep right wasn't as lucky...
Ahh, civilization, civilization... Reading books... Relaxing in a palace... That's really why I took this trip package
Dragon boots allow you to walk over lava. Which comes in real handy on the final level

FM Towns version

Title screen
Main menu
Intro - Britannia is in peril! English voice acting, Japanese subtitles
A creature taking off with the princess
Baron Almric
Character create screen
Options are in English
Stats, not so much
By attempting to take the cheese I meet fierce opposition from a grumpy rat
Talking with some guy
Yo dudes, why the aggression? All I did is take your food... well that and attempting to kill you
Game Over

PlayStation version

The logo of developer Looking Glass
Introduction: a mysterious stranger kidnap the princess.
Introduction: guards arrive and you're the suspect.
Introduction: meeting the king (Lord Britain?)
Introduction: travelling to Stygian Abyss.
Introduction: entering the Stygian Abyss.
Main menu
Character creation: male or fermale
Character creation: choose your face (manga inspired design).
Character name
Welcome to the abyss.
Picking up some bag.
Reading some wall writings.
Wandering in the abyss.
Lots of things to pick up, but most of them are garbage.
Finding my first runestones.
Some loot, hope with something of interest.
Inventory screen
Navigating trough objects in your inventory.
First encounter: a rat... what a surprise.
Some sort of poisoning bat. Notice the skull with red eyes when enemies are near.
I hate these...you can't fight when swimming.
A non-hostile encounter (mobs and NPC are full polygons...PC version sprites were better).
Dialog options
The infamous map...can be annotated with white dot, but no text entry.
This looks very deep, falling can be fatal.
Death screen