Ultimate Game Pak Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

This screen is displayed as the game's menu system accesses the CD's contents
The game's menu system. The default category is 'Action' but there is no default game
As the player scrolls down the list of games a screenshot is displayed as well as a very, very brief description. This is an Action game called 'Bubble Craft'
In the Cards section each game of patience, this one's called 'Clock', is counted as a separate game.
How could there be a puzzle section without a tic-tac-toe variation? This one's called 'Tak Tic'
Another puzzle game, 'Trap It', showing in the menu. The object is to create blocks and trap all the bouncing balls in the target area.
This is the first game in the Board games section. It's called 'Automobilia' it's a MahJongg variant
Another classic Board game, this is 'French Pegs' and there's another variant included in the compilation called 'English Pegs'
Also included in the Board Game section is a slot machine game. Guess it had to go somewhere.
One of the Card games. This is 'Everything's Wild' and it's a kind of Poker Slots game
This game's called 'Maze' but it's still a card game
This is a Puzzle game called 'Aneurysm'. The object is to change the colour of all the tiles to yellow
This Puzzle game is called 'Enigma 2', it's a box shifting game
This Tetris clone is called 'Vertical Drop', it's in the Puzzle section
Every game has a set of instructions. This example is from the card game 'Vertical Drop'