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Ultraman Genesis Title


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Platform Votes Score
Arcade 1 2.3
Genesis 1 0.0
SNES 2 5.0
Combined MobyScore 4 3.1

The Press Says

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SNESComputer and Video Games (CVG)
The monster sprites are nicely animated, and are very accurate to the original characters - the dinosaurs even look like they're men in rubber suits! The sound effects are good too, but the tunes are really corny and naff. Uftraman's only real weakness is that the gameplay is rather limited and not at all fancy, Once you've fought your way past Z-Ton, there's no real compulsion to play it again, so unless you're a major beat 'em up fan who already owns Final Fight (or indeed an Ultraman fan, though that seems unlikely), you'd be better off saving your money for Super R-Type.
SNESGamePro (US)
Ultraman's simple fun, but it isn't simple-minded. All the Ultra moves look cool, and you must learn to use them all to beat the beasts. In Expert mode the cart will eat your lunch. Players who dig Japanese latex monsters will freak over the sharp graphics. The sounds are just right, from the heroic Ultraman music to the monstrous screams. Ultraman is ultra cool.
SNESEntertainment Weekly
Talk about being faithful to the original — the action here is so stiff you half expect those three silhouettes from Mystery Science Theater 3000 to pop up in the corner of the screen and start making snide comments.
SNESPower Play
Peinlich, peinlich, was momentan Nintendo-treue Entwickler fürs Super Famicom abliefern: Japans Lieblingsmonster „Ultraman“ ist schon in Zelluloidform ein freundliches „Nein, Danke!“ wert; also Computerspiel geht auch der letzte Rest an unfreiwilliger Komik im hektischen Joypad-Gedrücke verloren.
Ultraman remporte haut la main la palme du plus mauvais jeu de la Super Nintendo.
SNESPlayer One
Mais où cela devient vraiment insupportable, c'est lorsque l'on essaie de jouer avec des commandes qui répondent mal, qui sont lourdes, rigides et qui offrent peu de coups. Quant au son, Ultraman nous ferait presque oublier que c'est l'un des grand points forts de cette console. Bref, quand on voit ce jeu, on a du mal à imaginer qu'il tourne sur la même machine que le sublimissime Street Fighter II de Capcom. Ultraman ne mérite même pas un coup d'œil.
SNESThe Video Game Critic
I happen to be a long-time fan of Ultraman, but this is a bad game of colossal proportions. As a child, I was fascinated by the poor-dubbed Japanese television show featuring men in rubber monster outfits (who knew?) wrestling around miniature cities. This video game adaptation not only fails to capture the grand scale of those battles, but it makes them seem incredibly boring.