Ultratron Screenshots

User Screenshots

Linux version

Level-o-meter shown at beginning of each level
At first it feels unfair against these little dudes
Frozen enemies
Main menu
On-line high scores
In the thick of it
Senor Ieiunitas
Old-school instructions screen
Shooting the power-up makes it change its bonus type
Game over, man, game over! (famous Aliens quote)

Windows version

Main menu.
You can freely re-define all control keys.
Quick guide to game.
"Prepare to die".
This red square detects every enemy.
Bonus (under aim) changes, if you shoot at it.
Shield expanded.
Oh, they're firing. In the first levels this is not much of a headache
On every level beginning you can track your progress.
Die, die!
Gold bug can carry pretty useful bonuses.
Assault level starts. Now all enemies are spawned at once.
"Frozen" bonus in action.
Avoid the bombs!
The first boss, Ieiunitas, coming onto scene
Nothing difficult, just fire as many as you can.
Boss death. And demo has expired :(
Online scoreboards.