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PlayStation 10 4.3
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Combined User Score 10 4.3

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PlayStationPlayer One (Dec, 1999)
Du fun, du fun et encore du fun. Voilà ce qui vous attend avec Um Jammer Lammy ! Ajoutez-y une durée de vie gigantesque, un univers délirant et vous aurez entre les mains une valeur sûre !
PlayStationGamePro (US) (Aug, 1999)
You've got to be a music fan (or at least a PaRappa disciple) to get any joy from Lammy. If you are, it's a raw, ear-pounding experience that's worth every chord.
PlayStationIGN (Aug 18, 1999)
Um Jammer Lammy is a great addition to the Parappa cosmos. With the game's new two player mode, the extra Parappa remixes, multiple save options, man, this game has so much more that Parappa didn't have. In fact, the only reason why Parappa the Rapper got such a high score was the fact that it was the first game of its type, and Lammy, well, it is Parappa, but still, it has a whole lot more.
PlayStationSuper Play (Sweden) (Aug, 1999)
Rent tekniskt sett ge UmJammer Lammy alltså mer för pengarna än vad PaRappa the Rapper gjorde. Men samtidigt var det förra spelet charmigare och dess fyndiga texter var bättre lämpade att underhålla en bred publik än vad Lammys gitarrspel är. De är geniala spel båda två, men i slutändan är det nog PaRappa the Rapper som vi kommer att minnas längst.
PlayStationGameSpot (Mar 26, 1999)
The question that keeps coming up is whether Lammy is better than Parappa. When you look at Lammy's lack of originality in the gameplay department, and the songs, which simply aren't as catchy as Parappa's raps, Parappa comes out on top with ease. But the additional levels, the two-player option, and the inclusion of the Parappa remixes in Um Jammer Lammy add a value that Parappa the Rapper simply can't touch. But keep in mind that the game doesn't stray far from the formula, and the game's difficulty will put off those who never mastered Parappa. So, to put it another way, if you didn't play Parappa to death and love every minute of it, you might as well skip out on Um Jammer Lammy.
PlayStationGamezilla (Oct 26, 1999)
This game isn't for everyone. If you've played and enjoyed Parappa the Rapper, you ought to pick this up. If you haven't played Parappa, give it a try before you play this one. There aren't many other games on the US market to compare it to.
PlayStationGaming Age (Aug 23, 1999)
The rapping that had become so popular in PaRappa would now be gone, replaced with a rock and roll beat. Hearing this, I became weary whether or not they would be able to successfully pull it off. I wasn't able to get my hands on the Japanese import, so months went by and there was no way for me to find out if Sony had succeeded once again. Now that the American version is completed, I am very happy to say that it seems Um Jammer Lammy is just as good as the PaRappa, if not better.
PlayStationMega Fun (Jan, 2000)
Um es vorwegzunehmen: Liebt Um Jammer Lammy oder hasst es, einen Mittelweg gibt es schlicht und einfach nicht. Mit herkömmlichen Testerkriterien lässt sich diesem Titel nicht beikommen. Zu durchgeknallt ist das Gesamtkonzept. Ich für meinen Teil kann jedoch die Finger nicht von Um Jammer Lammy bzw. meinem Pad lassen und rocke hinein bis tief in die Nacht!
PlayStationPower Unlimited (Jun, 1999)
Het begint allemaal wat mak, maar hoe verder je komt, hoe zwaarder het wordt. Concentratie en ritmegevoel is vereist, en indien dit aanwezig is, kun je je met Um Jammer Lammy uitstekend vermaken.
PlayStationVideo Games (Aug, 1999)
Unter all den Musik-Spielen, die ich kenne und liebe, ist Lammy ganz klar nicht unter meinen persönlichen Top 3 anzusiedeln. Da jedoch eher nicht damit zu rechnen ist, daß solche Perlen wie Dance Dance Revolution auch in Paff-Land veröffentlicht werden, dürfen Musikfans trotzdem zugreifen. Die Story ist witzig und wird in netten Cut-Scenes (ich liebe diese zweidimensionalen Pappfiguren) weitererzählt. Mir gefällt UmJammer Lammy eindeutig besser als ihr rappender Vorgänger da sich die 5-Gitarren-Riffs deutlich besser anhören, als das unverständliche Gequassel von PaRappa. Was mich halt etwas nervt, ist das Spielen mit dem Joypad - mit einem eigenen Controller wäre die ganze Sache doch etwas einfacher zu handlen.
PlayStationVideo Games (Jun, 1999)
Daß Um Jammer Lammy knapp an der Höchstwertung scheitert, liegt an Dance Dance Revolution, das doch noch einen Scheit mehr ins Feuer legen kann. Freaks und Freunde des Ungewöhnlichen sollten aber trotzdem bedenkenlos zugreifen.
75 (Dec 20, 1999)
Un jeu qui n'a peut-être plus l'impact de Parappa the Rapper mais qui offre de nouvelles possibilités de gameplay comme le jeu à 2 joueurs. Le principe reste le même et plaira sûrement à beaucoup de par son originalité.
PlayStationGame Revolution (Aug, 1999)
Um Jammer Lammy is certainly a cool game, if for no other reason than to entertain sufficiently inebriated party guests. It's easily the most insane mish-mash of psychadelia yet seen on a console, and at least deserves a shot (or the whole bottle, even). Artistically speaking, Lammy is a very complete vision, from the opening video to the amusing loading screens.
PlayStationAll Game Guide (1999)
If terrible songs isn't bad enough, the overall difficulty and learning curve is on par with that of defusing a nuclear bomb. Even for a fan of PaRappa, learning how Um Jammer Lammy works and perfecting the button presses is a truly difficult pain as opposed to an enjoyable challenge. With that, I can only suggest renting this game - even die-hard fanatics of the original will want to heed this advice. Though the two-player modes may make for some great party pastimes and the songs, for the most part, are decent, the experience is ruined (at least for me) by the unbearable challenge and those few terrible tracks.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic (Oct 11, 2000)
The graphics are very nice, with humorous, paper-thin characters and cool special effects. The storyline however is bizarre, juvenile, and occasionally embarrassing. Most of the tunes are decent, but the lyrics are absolutely idiotic. Um Jammer Lammy is definitely a trip, and if you can stomach the storyline, the challenge will keep you hooked.