Umihara Kawase: Shun - Second Edition Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Before stages you sometimes get a tutorial to help you along the way.
Catching fish with the fishing rod. You can knock them out and put them in your backpack.
Some gameplay mechanics are somewhat similar to the swinging around in Bionic Commando.
You can grab on to conveyor belts for a free ride.

PSP version

Title screen
Main menu
First stage. Walking fish! Giant vegetables!
Swinging on a fishing line.
Stage clear!
I'll just let this conveyor belt do all the work...
The game certainly has a distinct visual style.
Reeling in a stunned fish.
Now how the heck do I get over there?
The eels will shoot stuff at you if you don't catch them.
Close call!
These things can knock you all over the stage!
I don't think I was supposed to go down here.
Suddenly, ladders!
Clearing certain stages rewards you with images like this. Kawase is so cute. ^_^
These flying fish are so dangerous that I fell in the water just trying to get a screenshot of them!
Cute game over screen.
You can replay any previously-played stage here.