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Undercover: Dual Motives (Nintendo DS)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Undercover: Dual Motives Credits

Developed by Sproing

Executive ProducerHarald Riegler
ProducerThomas Lausecker
StoryHarald Riegler, Georg Heinz, Johannes Mücke
Game DesignGeorg Heinz
DialoguesGeorg Heinz
Lead ProgrammerStefan Reinalter
Art DirectorJohannes Mücke
Technical DirectorGerhard Seiler
Lead ArtistStefan Kubicek
ArtistsJohannes Graf, Reinhard Schmid, Emanuel Amler
ProgrammersGeorg Selig, Chris Chiu, Dietmar Hauser
MusicHenrik Jakoby
SFXHenrik Jakoby
TestersTobias Kraze, Helge Behrens, Georg Heckermann, Christian Fisher, Nicolaus Fischer

Distributed by dtp entertainment AG

Development DirectorMathias Reichert
Senior ProducerMarc Buro
MarketingThorsten Hamdorf, Claas Wolter
PRThorsten Hamdorf, Claas Wolter
Localizations ManagerJohannes Bickle
Community ManagerOlgierd Cypra
QA‑ManagerMathias Reinke
LeadtesterMarc Schönbrun
TestersBenjamin Burger, Daniel Chan, Oliver Groote, Finnja Alina Lange, Frank Oberdorfer, Sebastian Schmidt, Pan Schröder, Sayed Mokthar Shah, Christopher Thoms, Henner Wichern, Katharina Gipp, Tomasz Manthey, Moritz Meyer

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