Underground Ernie: International Fun Station Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's big friendly menu. When the mouse hovers over a game a big red circle appears
The start od all games and activities is the same. This screen is shown for all of them, it's just the name that changes.
This is the jigsaw selection screen. In the lower left is a difficulty control. It defaults at four pieces but can be set to nine
This is as hard as the jigsaws get, nine pieces. All nice and big and colourful.
At the end of all games there's a well done message
The pairs puzzle can be played as a single player or a two player game. Not all games are multiplayer
A game of pairs in progress. There's a tab at the bottom of the screen showing the number '1'. This changes the game from a 4x4 grid to a 5x4 grid
The game of Snap. This is the only game where the player's names can be changed
The controls for the game of Snap. All other games are played via the mouse
A game of Snap in progress
The Spot The Difference game selection screen
A Spot The Difference game in progress
The Colouring option is not really a game
The Meet The Cast option is not a game. It consists of three screens like this one. As the mouse travels over each character some text is shown and a short voice over can be heard
The word search puzzles. There are just nine in total.
The Word Search puzzles are mouse controlled. Not sure about showing words in lower case when the actual puzzle is in upper case