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    Powerful forces from across the universe have brought war to our planet. Now, in Universe at War: Earth Assaultâ„¢ you must command different factions, each with their own powers and fighting units, and take to the battlefield to emerge victorious. The latest title from real-time strategy pioneers Petroglyph Games features unprecedented levels of customization, and the ability to take on opponents cross-platform. Control massive alien war machines, determine your own tech tree, and retrain units in the midst of battle to turn the tide. Wage war across familiar Earth cities and landmarks, in a persistent fully destructible world. Stay true to the cause, keep your eyes open, command your units, it's Universe at War.

    • Cross-platform multiplayer action: For the first time in a real-time strategy game, wage online multiplayer battles against both Xbox 360® and PC opponents.
    • Tactical Dynamics system: The on-the-fly customization system of Universe at War allows you to dynamically swap out weaponry, rework your tech tree, and instantly retrain units in the middle of combat to overcome any challenge.
    • Environmental destruction: A fully destructible environment exists in a persistent reality-based modern-day world. Level a city and it stays a smoking ruin.
    • Strategy and tactics: Dual-layered gameplay features intense tactical battles and a strategic global mode where you manage resources, consolidate territories, and maneuver armies.
    • Unique units: Three different factions feature different play styles and abilities. Special hero units have distinct abilities that can help you in battle.
    • Multiplayer features: Unique multiplayer modes and achievements are offered that improve all players' online avatars.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22319) on Oct 11, 2010.

Back of Keep Case - Xbox 360 (Hong Kong/Singapore/Taiwan):


    For the first time, wage online multiplayer RTS battles against Xbox 360 and PC opponents in this revolutionary new game from the developer of Star Wars: Empire at War.

    Using the Tactical Dynamics customization system, you can upgrade your units on-the-fly to overcome any combat challenge.

    Command three completely unique factions with distinct units and playstyles.

    Benefit from the most accessible control scheme ever seen in an Xbox 360 RTS.

    Contributed by JudgeDeadd (19731) on Aug 01, 2009.